2016 - 2017 Basketball Season

St. Anthony’s CYO Program

St. Anthony’s CYO provides an athletic program which encourages youth participation and fosters Christian values of teamwork, fairness and good sportsmanship. As an integral part of the Catholic Youth Organization, the CYO Athletic Program has three main objectives and purposes:

  1. To promote and encourage the development of Christian values (character) through interaction with peers.
  2. To provide as much participation as possible among all youngsters involved.
  3. To develop the concept of community through team sports identified with various parishes.

In order to encourage wide participation and to foster Christian attitudes, CYO Athletics is built upon a strong foundation of parish participation, dedicated coaches, and children open to learning and playing. St. Anthony’s CYO provides the opportunity for children to become the best that they can possibly be – and to encourage the best in their teammates, peers, friends, and competitors.


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